Phantom Farmmore_vert 1.13
Phantom Farmclose

This is the Minecraft world download for my Phantom farm tutorial.

A very easy and simple design to help keep you stocked up with slow falling potion.

Multi-Floor Bubble Elevatormore_vert 1.13
Multi-Floor Bubble Elevatorclose

This is the Minecraft world download for my multi-floor bubble column elevator tutorial.

This design is super flexible, clean and easy to build.

Logical Texturesmore_vert 1.13
Logical Texturesclose

Here are the textures that I use in my Beyond Logic series for 1.13. I use this pack combined with v3 of the Mojang Beta Textures.

It's made from some Vanilla Tweaks (converted for 1.13+) and some of our own special modifications.

From VanillaTweaks we have:

  • Black Nether Brick
  • Quieter Nether Portals
  • Sticky Piston Sides
  • Directional Hoppers
  • Clean Redstone Dust
  • Redstone Power Levels
  • Lower Fire
  • Lower Sheild

Our further additions include:

  • Death Star Lazer
  • Cow Glasses
  • Cat Bow Tie
  • Orc Pigmen
  • Stormtrooper Armour

Additional textures by WiteRabid

Logical Craftingmore_vert 1.13
Logical Craftingclose

Here is the datapack that I use on Beyond Logic that adds some sane custom crafting recipes to the game.

For a list of included recipes, checkout the source code readme.

To Install

  1. Download the datapack zip file
  2. On the world selection screen, select your world and click "Edit".
  3. Click "Open World Folder".
  4. Place the datapack zip file in the datapacks folder.
  5. Start your world. If it doesn't work, use the command /reload.
Turtle Powered Gold Farm v2more_vert 1.13
Turtle Powered Gold Farm v2close

In Minecraft 1.13 we now have turtle eggs. Zombie pigmen are attracted to these eggs because they want to smash them up!

This farm uses that mechanic with turtle eggs in the center of the farm and trap doors to fool the pigmen into thinking they can reach them.

Once the pigmen have fallen to their death and dropped they gold, we separate the flesh and destroy it while sending the gold up an item elevator for storge at the AFK spot.

For maximum rates build this farm on top of the nether as high as possible.

This farm was built in survival in episode #44 of Road to HermitCraft

Simple Carrot/Potato Farm v2more_vert 1.13
Simple Carrot/Potato Farm v2close

This is a super simple carrot or potato farm was originally designed to work in 1.12 and has been updated to work in Minecraft 1.13.

This download includes everything from the original 1.12 tutorial aswell as the changes required to make this work in 1.13.

This farm was built in survival in episode #36 of Road to HermitCraft.

Death Star Schematicmore_vert 1.12
Death Star Schematicclose

This schematic was designed in creative and then loaded into our world with the schematica mod to help us build the ultimate power in the Universe.

We gathered all the resources and placed all the blocks in survival, in The End, over the Void. This was approximatelly 82,000 blocks which took many months to complete.

The lazer beam was made my pushing one of the ender crystals off the obsidian pillar just before the Dragon spawned. This crystal retains it's beam and we then pushed it into place and added texture to turn it green.

Now you can build the Death Star too!

This build was completed in survival in episode #41 of Road to HermitCraft